0 Tools

Antistatic MatiFixit1Trolley D
Biltema bits32 parts, 12-0531Trolley C
Bit set bigiFixit1Trolley C
Brush ESD-safe1Trolley Back L
Caliper1Trolley C
Cold Spray1Trolley Back R
Contact Spray With OilLuxorparts 180251Trolley Back R
Heat pillowiFixit iOpener2Trolley Back L
Hot air soldering ironUVISTAR 858D1White Lockable Cabinet
LaptopLenovo ThinkPad, 3051RZ51Trolley D
Magnetic matiFixit3Trolley D
MultimeterBrymen BM805s1Trolley D
Multimeternoname, MCH-9233E1Trolley TOP
Multimeter TinyUNI-T UT120A1Trolley TOP
Phone/tablet seal tape 1mmiFixit Tesa 61395 Tape 1Trolley D
Plier setfixpoint1Trolley TOP
Screen and Lens Cleaner sprayiFixit screen saver1Trolley D
Screwdriver setiFixit1Trolley C
Screwdriver with bits1Trolley D
Screwdriver/Live Wire Tester Small Flathead1Trolley D
Shrink tube blackDifferent sizes, 170 pcs, Velleman1Trolley TOP
Shrink tube blackDifferent sizes, Kjell&Co 409071Trolley TOP
Shrink tube coloredDifferent sizes, Cotech 36-13681Trolley TOP
Soldering Ironsain smart pro 32 (TS100)1Trolley TOP
Speakers ActiveLogitech S-120 BLACK, 3.5 mm plug1Trolley D
Super GlueLoctite 20622784Trolley A
Thermal PasteLuxorparts TC-055Trolley Back L
Third handwith magnifying glass1Trolley TOP
ToolsetiFixit3Trolley C
USB to Hard drive docker 2.5” and 3.5”1Trolley TOP
Universal laptop charger11 plugs, 18.5-19.5V, 65W1Trolley TOP
Vulktape1Trolley Back L
Wire Cutterfixpoint3Trolley TOP
Wire Cutter BlueWeller Xcelite 170M1Trolley TOP
Wire stripperCocraft 1Trolley D
Wrench, AdjustableBahco1Trolley D

1 Passive Components ➤ 1 Resistors

10 MΩ20Trolley A
10 Ω40Trolley A
100 kΩ20Trolley A
150 Ω20Trolley A
1k Ω20Trolley A
2 kΩ20Trolley A
2.2 kΩ20Trolley A
20 kΩ20Trolley A
200 Ω20Trolley A
22 Ω20Trolley A
220 kΩ20Trolley A
220 Ω20Trolley A
270 Ω20Trolley A
3.3 kΩ20Trolley A
300 kΩ20Trolley A
330 Ω20Trolley A
4.7 kΩ20Trolley A
47 kΩ20Trolley A
47 Ω20Trolley A
470 kΩ20Trolley A
470 Ω20Trolley A
5.1 kΩ20Trolley A
51 kΩ20Trolley A
510 Ω20Trolley A
6.8 kΩ20Trolley A
68 kΩ20Trolley A
680 kΩ20Trolley A
680 Ω20Trolley A

1 Passive Components ➤ 2 Capacitors

0.1µF 50V11Trolley A
0.22µF 50V12Trolley A
0.47µF 50V12Trolley A
1.5mF 6.3V1Red box
1.5mF 6.3V1Trolley A
100pF 50VCeramic12Trolley A
100µF 16V2Trolley A
100µF 16V5Red box
100µF 25V12Trolley A
10mF 25V1Trolley A
10mF 25V4Red box
10pF 50VCeramic12Trolley A
10µF 25V2Red box
10µF 25V2Trolley A
10µF 50V12Trolley A
1mF 10V1Red box
1mF 10V1Trolley A
1mF 25V1Red box
1mF 25V1Trolley A
1nF 50VCeramic12Trolley A
1µF 50V12Trolley A
2.2mF 25V1Trolley A
2.2mF 25V4Red box
2.2mF 6.3V1Trolley A
2.2nF 50VCeramic12Trolley A
2.2µF 50V12Trolley A
220pF 50VCeramic12Trolley A
220µF 16V1Trolley A
220µF 25V10Trolley A
22pF 50VCeramic12Trolley A
22µF 50V12Trolley A
330µF 25V1Trolley A
330µF 25V6Red box
4.7mF 25V1Trolley A
4.7mF 25V4Red box
4.7nF 50VCeramic12Trolley A
4.7µF 450V1Trolley A
4.7µF 450V3Red box
4.7µF 50V12Trolley A
470pF 50VCeramic12Trolley A
470µF 16V2Trolley A
470µF 16V8Red box
470µF 25V11Trolley A
47pF 50VCeramic12Trolley A
47µF 25V12Trolley A

1 Passive Components ➤ 3 Fuses

F 1A L 250 V1Trolley A
ZKT 1.25A10Trolley A
ZKT 1.6A10Trolley A
ZKT 10A10Trolley A
ZKT 1A10Trolley A
ZKT 2.5A10Trolley A
ZKT 2A10Trolley A
ZKT 3.15A10Trolley A
ZKT 4A10Trolley A
ZKT 5A10Trolley A
ZKT 6.3A10Trolley A

2 Active Components

Rectifier Bridge 2W109Red box

3 Connectors

3.5 mm plug4p metal Electrokit 410105351Trolley A
Molex Mini-Fit Jr 2-pinpart nr?0Trolley A
USB micro-B SMDElectrokit 410110193Trolley A

9 Others ➤ 1 Batteries

9V 6LR61 Alkaline0Trolley B
AA Rechargable 1.2V Ni-MH4Trolley B
AAA LR03 1.5V Alkaline24Trolley B
AAA Rechargable 1.2V Ni-MH4Trolley B